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Antioxidant alkaline ionized water helps counteract acidity and oxidation in the body. This is the key to preventing disease, improving health and well-being, and boosting your immune system.


When about 70% of our body is made up of water, it is important that we drink excellent water. Our purifiers eliminate harmful particles and return minerals to your water


A process of potabilization of your water. Our antibacterial treatment systems remove harmful materials in an economical and sustainable way, without the use of harsh chemicals


Discover the solutions adapted to each business that we have for your company. We collaborate with you in order to bring more ecology, more health and more economy to your employees and customers

our advantages

More health

Our equipment was created to make quality water available to you and promote a healthy life.

more ecology

We ended the use of plastic bottles, detergents and other harmful chemicals for the environment

more economy

An initial investment that allows you to have quality water for the whole family, anytime and anywhere


Miracle Max Royale

The Miracle Max Royale is our top of the range model that is placed under the countertop, leaving only its beautiful faucet with a modern and elegant design visible.
  • Touch-screen that allows you to control all ionizer operations
  • Antibacterial filter with activated carbon
  • 9 pH levels at your disposal
  • Ionized alkaline water and antioxidant
  • Antibacterial water for beauty and cleaning
Water Purification - OSMOSIS


Galileo is Hydroworld's most advanced compact reverse osmosis model. IInstalled under the worktop, it ensures the improvement of the quality of the water consumed in your home.
  • Removes sediment, organic pollutants including chlorine, benzene, heavy metals, pesticides and antibiotics
  • Removes harmful elements such as viruses, bacteria and even emerging pollutants
  • Includes remineralizing filter that returns minerals to your water

Descaling System

Equipment for the treatment of limestone in water for residential and industrial use. Our systems are tailored to your needs and allow you to eliminate limescale from your water
  • Improves the quality, taste and odor of your drinking water
  • Protects fabrics and other materials
  • Protects skin and hair
  • Protect the machines
  • protect the environment

Innovative solutions to improve your family's quality of life

As part of the Filtrarte Group, Sulsaúde offers a wide range of products in 3 main areas:
  • Pure water
  • Ar Puro
  • Welfare

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